4 Plumbing Situations That Require A Professional

While you may be able to fix minor plumbing issues, such as tightening a pipe fitting or clearing a clogged drain, there are other plumbing repairs that you shouldn't attempt to tackle on your own. Here are four plumbing situations that warrant calling a professional.

A Water Pipe Has Burst

If a water pipe in your home bursts, call a plumber right away. This is not a simple leak that you can perform temporary repairs on. A water pipe bursting can cause a lot of water damage very quickly. Those puddles of water can quickly destroy your carpets, tile flooring and hardwood flooring. If a water pipe bursts, try to locate the water line of your home and turn it off. This will stop any more water from coming out of the pipe. The next call is to an emergency plumber. This is something you should get done even after hours.

The Pipes Are Frozen

This is unfortunately a risk in the winter time, especially if you go on a trip and don't run water through the pipes for a few days or weeks. Freezing cold temperatures can attack pipes that aren't kept warm with regular use. If you have returned home from your winter trip and notice water isn't running as it should, they might be frozen. A plumber is able to thaw out the pipes and avoid bursting them in the process. Since you might break the pipes if you attempt to do this yourself, it is best to leave it up to the professionals.

You Have a Clog in the Main Sewer Line

Clearing a clog in the main sewer line is much different than a clog in your shower or sink pipes. The main sewer line is difficult to get to and requires professional-grade equipment to clear. You know you have a clog in the sewer line if your water is running slow, and no amount of clearing the drains in your home is helping. Another common sign is if you have plumbing issues in multiple rooms. If you run water in your kitchen sink and go to check your bathroom only to discover water has come up through the shower drain, there is a bigger problem.

You Have a Septic Tank

Issues with a septic system should always be left to professional plumbers. Your septic tank needs to be emptied on a regular basis, which is something you don't do yourself. A professional is able to empty it on a regular basis and inspect your drainfields to be sure they are not overflowing. They can also inspect other aspects of the septic system every time they come out.