Tips for Handling a Couple of Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can strike anyone's home, and when they do, they can lead to frustration. You may not understand what is needed to correct routine plumbing problems, but these problems do not have to be vexing to you. By following these plumbing repair tips, you can be prepared to correct or avoid two of the more common issues that your home may encounter. 

Clean Away Mineral Deposits from Your Faucet

As time passes, it is possible for large amounts of minerals to accumulate around your faucets. At first, this problem is unlikely to cause any major issues for you, but the deposits will continue to grow until they are eventually restricting the flow of water. If this problem becomes severe enough, it can reduce the flow of water enough to cause leaks to start forming around the faucet due to the water being unable to exit. 

To eliminate this issue, you should soak the ends of your faucets in vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve these deposits. After the deposits have been dissolved or loosened, you should use a washcloth to wipe down the faucet to remove any residue that may have been left behind. 

Stop Constantly Running Toilets

Toilets that continue to run for an extended period of time after being flushed are another issue that homeowners will likely experience at some point or another. In addition to making your bathroom louder than it should be, this problem can also represent a sizable increase in your home's water usage, which can lead to skyrocketing water bills. 

Fortunately, you can often correct this problem by replacing the plastic flap at the bottom of your toilet's storage tank. This flap can become warped as time passes, which can cause water to seep around the edges. To replace this flap, you will need to release the latches on the side of it that hold it in place at the bottom of the reservoir. You will also need to release the chain that lifts it up when you push down the toilet's handle. Once this is done, you will simply install the new one by latching it into place and connecting it to your toilet's chain. 

Understanding the routine problems that your home's plumbing can encounter is important for making sure that your home's plumbing avoids some routine issues that may arise as time passes. By realizing the importance of removing mineral deposits from faucets and knowing how to stop a running toilet, your home will be less likely to encounter disruptions due to these issues. If you have more plumbing questions or need professional help, contact a repair service like Beaman Bros Plumbing & Heating.