Scared Of Snakes? You Won'T Be Scared Of These Plumbing Snakes

When it comes to plumbing and unclogging drains, plumbers use different types of snakes to unclog them. Learning about the different snakes and what they are used for can be helpful to you if you ever decide to unclog a drain yourself. Many of these snake machines you can rent from any place that rents tools

Toilet Snake

A snake for a toilet is commonly called a toilet auger, and is made to be used only on toilet clogs. You should first try to use your plunger to unclog the toilet. If not, then a toilet auger can come to your rescue.

You can use a toilet auger yourself to try to unclog your toilet. The auger is a flexible cable with a hand crank. Place the cable in your toilet drain until it stops at the clog, use one of your hands to keep hold of the auger, and use your other hand to turn the crank. Do this for a few minutes, and then remove the auger. Flush your toilet to see if the clog is gone.

Drain Snake

A drain snake is used for a bathroom sink, bathtub, and shower drain clogs. It can also be used to unclog a kitchen sink. These are usually inexpensive, and can be purchased at a home supply store. You will find manual or electrical drain snakes. Of course, the electrical is easiest to use.

This snake is small and is not meant for deep clogs. It can handle average clogs very well, however. Remove the drain grate if there is one. Run the snake down the drain slowly using the hand crank, or by pressing the button if it is electrical until you feel the clog. Hand crank or let it run for a few minutes, and then remove the snake. Turn the water on to make sure the clog is free.

Medium Sized Drain Snake

A medium drain snake is also called a mini rooter. This type of snake works well if you have a clog deeper down into the drain. Place it down the drain in the kitchen or bathtub until you reach the clog. Turn it on and it moves back and forth to clear the clog.

You can also remove the trap from under your kitchen or bathroom sink, and run the snake through the pipe if the clog is deeper. 

If you still have a clog in your drains or you do not want to use a snake yourself, contact a plumber to remove the clog for you.

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