5 Tips For Avoiding Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposal problems are very common, since not many people are aware of how to best care for the disposal and use it properly. It's important to avoid problems with the garbage disposal, because not only can it cost you money, but it can also cause excess bacterial growth in the kitchen that can make it smell. Here are five tips to help you avoid garbage disposal problems in your home:

  1. Use Strong Water Flow: When you run the garbage disposal, it is important that you are using strong water flow. This is going to help push food particles down the drain so that they do not continue to be stuck in the disposal. Be sure that you keep the water running even after shutting off the garbage disposal for at least 15 seconds to ensure that all food particles make their way down the drain.
  2. Use Ice to Clean: To clean the grinders, you should place some ice cubes in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. Before turning the garbage disposal on, however, you will want to put the drain cover in place to ensure that food particles do not go flying everywhere while the ice is being ground in the disposal. 
  3. Grind Lemons: Every once in a while, you should consider grinding lemons in the garbage disposal. The lemon will not only make the sink smell fresh, but the acid in lemons will also kill bacteria and prevent it from growing, which will keep the garbage disposal fresh for a longer period of time.
  4. Use Cold Water: When you run the garbage disposal, it is important that you are using cold water and not hot water. This is because hot water will cause grease and fat to stick to the drain, causing a blockage at some point down the road. Cold water will keep grease and fat in a condition where it does not become sticky and will instead flow through the drain completely. 
  5. Snake Drain Every Two Years: Every two years, you should hire a professional plumber to snake the drain. This is great preventative maintenance since it will ensure that any grease or fat buildup is removed. 

By utilizing these five tips at all times when running your garbage disposal, you can avoid some major issues down the road. Of course, if you ever do run into a problem, it is best to call in a professional plumbing professional such as Aumenta Plumbing & Heating Co. who can locate the exact issue and resolve it quickly.