Dealing With Your Child's Seasonal Allergies: Get Year Round Relief With These Tips

If you have noticed your child's seasonal allergies are getting worse each time the seasons change, you need to make sure you're doing your best around the house to help prevent the symptoms from worsening.

You want your child to be able to breathe easy and avoid medication. The allergies may not just be coming from problems outside your home, but from inside your house as well. Here are a few things to consider.

Air Purification

An air purification system will help remove the toxins that make it inside the house from the outdoors and can keep the humidity levels in the home accurate. This prevents condensation from moisture in the air that can cause mold and mildew. This machine will also pull pollutants out of the air and extract the risks before letting the treated air back out into the living space. You can have these added onto your furnace.

Carpet Cleaning

If you've ever had a drink spilled on the floor, a pet accident, or something else where bacteria could have formed, you have no idea what could be in the air or getting tracked around the house. Having the carpets professionally cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning agent that kills the bacteria is one of the best options and may help greatly with mold allergy problems. There are many bacteria living on shoes that will be removed with regularly cleaning, to help make your home healthier.

Duct Cleaning

Studies have shown that about 70 percent of indoor air quality problems are coming from the HVAC system in a house. Having the ducts cleaned can help rid the house of these different problems, and you'll want to have the furnace filter changed as well. The duct cleaning opens up airflow and removes dust, pet dander and more. Have professional HVAC services, like Kook & Son Inc, come and service your system for better air quality.

Mattress and Pillow Replacement

The mattresses and pillows that your child uses, and that everyone uses in the home, could have germs, allergens and other things trapped in the fibers, and washing isn't always enough to clean them. It's important to use allergen bedding, along with vacuuming the items often, and replacing the pillows annually. This can help prevent the child from breathing the allergens in.

If you worry that your child needs to go on a daily medication or needs something to help with emergency allergy problems, you want to talk with your pediatrician right away. If you think that their allergies could be treated with the help of cleaning your HVAC system and bedding, give it a try.