Warning Signs From Your Water Heater That It Needs Help

Your water heater is a reliable appliance that just keeps on working without much fuss. You may miss the subtle changes in your water quality that tell you something is wrong with it. By the time you realize that something is different with the water, you could be in for a big water heater repair bill. Here are the subtle, and not so subtle, ways your water heater is saying it needs some help.    

Temperature Changes

You may notice that you run out of hot water sooner when the family takes their morning showers. You may also feel like the water is much hotter on some days than others. Water temperature changes can be the sign of a bad thermostat. The lack of hot water can indicate a serious sediment problem in the water tank. Both require a water heater service to come out and inspect your unit.

Rusty Water

If you see brown water come out of the hot water tap when your first turn it on, you're seeing signs of the water tank rusting. Minerals in the water can interact with the steel walls of the water tank and create rust. This is usually the sign of an aging water heater. A plumber can flush and inspect the tank to give you some idea of how long the tank may continue to function before the rust causes a leak in the water heater.

Mineral Sediment

If you notice a fine layer of sediment in the bottom of a water glass or pitcher that has sat undisturbed, the same sediment is accumulating in the bottom of the water heater tank. The sediment will continue to build up until it creates a thick, rock hard layer in the tank. A plumbing service can flush out the tank to remove loose sediment, but that won't touch material that has solidified. Eventually, you'll need to replace the water heater because of the sediment buildup.

Foul Smelling Water

If you notice a faint rotten egg smell when you turn on the hot water tap, you're smelling the results of the chemical interaction of the sediment in the water tank. Having a plumber flush and rinse the tank may temporarily get rid of the smell for you.

Noisy Water Heater

If you hear popping and cracking from your water tank, you're hearing pieces of sediment moving around in the tank. This is the sign of a water tank near the end of its life. Enough mineral deposits have settled into the tank that you now risk water tank leaks.

Leaky Water Tank

If you notice water puddles on the floor under the water heater, it's time to call a water heater service (such as StateWide Mechanical II Inc.) right away. The steel water tank has rusted through and tiny leaks have formed. If you ignore this sign, you may soon have a mess when the water tank ruptures and dumps hot water and the mineral sediment all over the floor.