What To Do When Your Ring Goes Down The Kitchen Drain

It's a sinking feeling, often followed by panic, when your ring slips off when you are washing your hands or doing dishes. With luck, you catch it before it goes down the drain. If you miss, don't despair. Often you can retrieve your ring if you act quickly and correctly. This guide can help.

#1: Shut It Down

Turn off the garbage disposal first, if it's running, since the ring likely won't travel into the disposal. Instead, it will only damage both itself and the disposal if you don't act quickly. Next, shut off the water. If your sink doesn't have a disposal, shut off the water quickly so it doesn't force the ring further down the pipes.

#2: Probe Carefully

Unplug the garbage disposal if you have one, to avoid any accidents. Then, shine a flashlight down the drain. If you can see the ring, you can likely retrieve it. If you have a garbage disposal, you can now reach into the drain to pluck the ring from where it is resting on top of the disposal grinder blades.

#3: Find a Hook

You can fashion a hook out of a long piece of wire, such as a coat hanger. Slip this into the drain and hook it around the ring. Be careful, you don't want to knock the ring deeper into the drain.

#4: Remove the Trap

If you can't see the ring or it's too far down to reach, set a large bucket beneath the pipes, which is called the trap, under the sink. Loosen the retaining rings on the trap pipe with a plumbing wrench, and then remove them. Often, you will find your ring sitting in the curve of the trap pipe. Retrieve it and then replace the trap.

#5: Shut Off the Water

It's time to turn off the water main to the sink if you didn't find your ring. This will prevent anyone from accidentally using the sink. It's also a good idea to leave all water off throughout the house. Any water through the pipes can force the ring out of the home's sewer pipes, which will result in a permanent loss.

#6: Call the Plumber

Now you need to call a professional of emergency plumbing. They have tools that can be used to send a small camera down the drain, so they can locate the exact location of the ring. Once this is found, they can send in a probe or remove the proper pipes to retrieve the ring. You should also immediately call a plumber if the ring is tangled up in the blades of a garbage disposal. Don't try to untangle it on your own.