Pipe Dreams: 3 Reasons You're Constantly Calling The Plumber

Has the plumber been to your house a lot lately? It could be old pipes or a bad repair job, but chances are that it is something related to the way the plumbing is being used. Could it be something you caused? Read on to learn what you could be doing to create more plumbing issues in your home.

1. You treat your garbage disposal like a trash can.

How many times have you put things like watermelon rinds or potato skins down the sink? This could have something to do with your kitchen sink issues. You should never put glass, metal, paper, grease, or large bones down the garbage disposal. While many do pour grease down the disposal, it's a really bad idea. Grease creates a film over the blades, making them less efficient and causing a malodorous stench. Non-food items should never go into the grinder. These include cigarette butts, paper towels, food cartons, and sponges.

Additionally, make sure that you are rinsing the disposal with cold water rather than hot water. Cold water is easier on the parts, preventing overheating. It also helps grease and food parts solidify, allowing the garbage disposal to chop them up more efficiently.

2. You use too much drain cleaner.

Sure, it's pretty inconvenient to deal with a clogged drain, but you could have bigger problems on your hands if you go for the easy fix first. Regularly using drain cleaners can cause extensive damage to the pipes. It is much better to use a drain snake or a natural cleaner, like a combination of vinegar, salt, baking soda, and water, to clean out those clogs.

3. You or your kids flush things you shouldn't.

Plumbers have found everything in pipes, including toys, food, and other household objects. Some things should never go in the toilet, and yet they do, and it results in clogs. Make sure that you are not flushing sanitary pads, tampons, condoms, cotton swabs, paper towels, floss, or cat litter either. These items will cause clogs and other damage to the pipes.

Have you been wondering why your pipes have so many problems? This handy list may have helped you solve the issue. Keep these guidelines in mind moving forward, ensuring that little else besides water (and especially not money) is going down the drain. You will find that you are calling the plumber a lot less than you used to, and the repairs are much more affordable than they used to be!

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