3 Plumbing Problems You Can Face After Purchasing Your Home

Your new home may be new to you, but unless it was built recently, there was a family that had been living there for many years. There will most likely be problems due to years of neglect or not having people living in the home the past few months. Be prepared for these 3 plumbing problems as you move in.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

When you combine neglectful behavior and a couple months of inactivity, it is very easy for a garbage disposal to become clogged. Never try to fix a garbage disposal with the power connected, so unplug it or shut down the main circuit breaker it is wired into.

Sometimes the problem is as simple an object like a utensil that is preventing the blade from moving, but it can also be from a thick clog that won't let the blade spin. Use baking soda and water to loosen the foods around the blade, and let it soak inside for a few hours. Then scrub the inside of the unit around the blade to get it moving again.

Frozen Water Pipe

If the house has been sitting empty in the winter with the heat turned very low, you may encounter a frozen pipe when you move in. Investigate the problem by looking for pipes in part of the home that are uninsulated. This can include a garage, an open ceiling basement, or a crawlspace.

You can warm up the pipe using a hair dryer. It helps to put a reflective piece of metal behind the pipe, like a cookie sheet, so that it reflects heat on the rear side of the frozen pipe as well, speeding up the thawing process. Leave the faucet connected to the pipe open, and start thawing from the side nearest to the faucet and work your way back. This will prevent a buildup of pressure and a potential pipe burst.

Leaking Faucet

Ceramic disk, compression, and ball faucets all use rubber washers for preventing leaks, and the problem is most likely a damaged washer. You can attempt this repair yourself by turning the water off leading to your faucet, and removing the faucet's handle. There will be a nut that holds the faucet stem in place that needs to be unscrewed. This will expose the rubber washers that may be causing the leak.

If the washer is cracked or damaged, take it to you local hardware screw, and match up the size to a brand new one. Replace the washer, reassemble the handle, and your leak will be fixed.

When any of these repairs seem too complicated for you to handle, contact a local plumber like All Clear to fix them for you.