Three Ways To Fix A Clogged Sink

A clogged sink can provide a major inconvenience in your daily life. In serious cases, it may be necessary to call a plumber but in many cases this plumbing problem is something that you can fix yourself in a short amount of time with very few tools. Most times, a blockage is due to built up grease and hair or things like coffee grounds which build up in the sinks plumbing.

Step 1 - Plunger Before you go to any extreme lengths you can simply try to use a plunger to relieve the sink of the blockage. Fill the sink with warm water and allow it to sit. Use your plunger to try and push the blockage through.

Step 2 - Drain removal If this doesn't work then you can simply use some drain removal liquid to try and fix the problem. Drain removal liquid can be bought at almost any hardware store for around $10 a bottle and is very easy to use. Just wait for your clogged sink to drain and apply the necessary amount of liquid as required by the manufacturer's instructions, which should be printed on the bottle. Allow the liquid to sit in the drain for the instructed amount of time. Most times, this drain removal liquid will fix the problem, but if the blockage still persists then it may be necessary to do some plumbing.

Step 3 - Take apart the U-bend If your sink remains blocked then it may be necessary to detach the U-bend, or trap, and manually remove the blockage. The U-bend is the portion of the piping located underneath your sink that is shaped like the letter U and is often the cause of trapping unwanted materials like grease, hair, etc.

Before beginning this process, place a bucket underneath the section of piping that you'll be removing to catch any water in the process. You'll notice two points where the U-bend attaches. First, try to unscrew both points by hand. If the pipe is too tight then you'll need to use a pipe wrench. Unscrew the U-bend at both points, remove the section and empty any water or unwanted materials into your bucket. You can use a metal coat hanger to assist you with dislodging any trapped items in the U-bend. For added measures, you can insert the coat hanger into the extended part of the pipe that leads into the walls and remove any other blockage that may be there.  

After removing the blockage, reapply the U-bend as it was and run your sink with hot water. Your sink should be free from clog and ready to use as normal. For more information, contact companies like Countryside Plumbing.