6 Ways To Avoid Plumbing Leaks

As a homeowner, a plumbing leak is one of your worst nightmares. A leak can lead to water damage in your home and even cause mold to develop, which can be expensive to remove. The best thing you can do is prevent these leaks in the first place. Here are six effective ways to avoid plumbing leaks:

Do not Forget to Put Away Garden Hoses in the Winter

Before the temperatures get too cold, it is crucial to disconnect your garden hoses from the outdoor water valve. If you do not do this, the water in the hoses can freeze and burst in your house, causing a big mess.

Do not Put Too Many Items in Your Sink Cabinets

It is not a good idea to put too many objects in your sink cabinets. Doing so can loosen connections on the supply pipes, increasing the risk of leaks.

Consider Pipe Insulation

The pipes in your house have a greater chance of freezing in the winter and creating a mess. If your home is not that well insulated, you may want to think about adding insulation to your pipes, such as the ones in your basement and garage. Insulation will keep the pipes at a good temperature so that they do not freeze.

Install a Flow Sensor

Another way you can prevent plumbing leaks is to install a flow sensor in your house. This device will turn off the water in your house if it detects a leak. A flow sensor is an investment, but it can help prevent a messy and expensive problem in the future.

Test Your Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your home is too high, you are more likely to experience plumbing leaks. That is why it is important to test the water pressure in your home periodically. Have an experienced plumber install a water pressure meter in your house.

Check for Leaks

You do not have to be a trained plumber to check for leaks in your home. For example, if you see corrosion around your pipes or cracked flooring in your bathroom, you may have a leak. Have it repaired by a plumber as soon as possible. If you check for leaks about once a week, you can avoid big messes.

Costly plumbing leaks do not have to be in your future. If you follow these helpful tips, you can lower your home risk's of plumbing leaks. Contact a professional plumbing contractor like Trenchless Pipe Technologies for more help.