Maintaining An Efficient Septic System During A Usage Surge

A high water usage over a short period can flood a septic drain field. Such a high usage of water may occur when many people use your plumbing installations, such as toilets and bathrooms, over a short time. For example, dozens of people gathering for a graduation party can cause such a usage surge. Here are the measures to take to prevent flooding the drain field:

Pump the Tank

If you have the heads up of such a gathering taking place in your home, then the first thing is to pump the septic tank. This is necessary if it has been a long time since you last pumped it, and your next scheduled maintenance is scheduled after your gathering. This is because the surge of water entering the tank may cause an overflow, and since waste cannot flow into an overflowing septic tank, you may experience sewage backup in the house. However, it isn't vital if you recently pumped it, and you haven't noticed any other problem with it.

Limit Water Usage in the House

On the day of the gathering, limit your water usage to reduce the volume of effluent flowing into the septic. Avoid non-vital activities that add to the volume of wastewater flowing out of the house. For example, you can skip laundry and wash the clothes after your guests have left. Other useful measures include ensuring that any running toilet is promptly fixed and only necessary things are flushed down the toilet.

Avail Emergency Toilets

It's also advisable to avail emergency toilets, such as the portable ones, for the duration of the party. These toilets are especially necessary when you expect a crowd at your place. It's also a good idea if you suspect your septic system is too old to handle a large gathering. The good news is that you don't have to buy the portable toilets; there are many places that rent them out for a small fee.

Ensure the drain lines are functioning properly

A surge in water usage isn't the only thing that can cause flooding in the drain field. The same thing can happen if the pipes channeling wastes into the tank are either blocked or damaged. Therefore, take the time to ensure your drainpipes are functioning efficiently before the big day.

Hopefully, these measures will prevent any septic problem and your party will proceed without any incident. If a problem does occur, stop using your plumbing fixtures and appliances to prevent more water effluent from flowing into the sewer pipes. Then call an emergency plumber, such as Alexander's Plumbing And Pumps, to fix the problem.