About Water Accumulating In A Basement & Sump Pump Problems

Has water been accumulating in your basement because there is a plumbing problem in your home? If you are unsure why the water is not leaving out of the basement, it might be due to there being something wrong with the sump pump. Find out in this article what you should know about the problems that could arise with a basement sump pump.

What Might Be Wrong When a Sump Pump Doesn't Drain Water?

One of the things that can interfere with a sump pump draining water out of a basement is when the discharge lines are blocked. If it is freezing cold weather outside, it is possible that the discharge lines have become frozen. You can hire a contractor to thaw out the discharge lines if freezing is the issue. He or she will also be able to install a grated discharge line attachment that can prevent freezing in the future. It is also possible that dirt, sticks or trash has created a blockage in the discharge lines, which can be cleaned out with help from a contractor.

Another thing that can cause sump pump problems is when it was not installed the right way. For instance, the sump pump might not be draining out water because a check valve was never attached to the discharge line. When there is no check valve in place, it leads to water not draining properly and causing the pressure of accumulated water to reverse the rotation of the pump propeller.

The propeller can also become detached from the motor shaft of the sump pump when the propeller is rotating incorrectly. If the sump pump has simply become worn out from normal wear and tear, you can hire a contractor to replace it for you so the water can drain out of your basement.

What Does a Sump Pump Cost for a Contractor to Install?

If you are only getting your sump pump replaced with one that is similar, a contractor is estimated to charge $50 or more for the labor involved. Purchasing a new sump pump is estimated to cost $100 or more, depending on the quality of pump that you purchase. For instance, if you want a sump pump that is equipped with a backup pump, it is estimated to cost $300 or more. Get in touch with a contractor to find out if your sump pump is in need of a repair or replacement so water can stop accumulating in your basement! Click here for more information.