About The Cause Of A Toilet Flushing Slowly

Do you dislike using the toilet because waste sits inside of it for a long time before finally going all the way down when flushed? The problem can stem from a few different things, but you might be dealing with a worn out toilet that should be replaced. Take a look at the article below for some of the common problems that might be causing waste to not drain out of the toilet fast.

1. The Flapper Malfunctions

Although the flapper that sits inside of the tank is a simple part, it can cause big problems when it is not in good shape. If the flapper closes too soon, it can lead to an insufficient amount of water filling the toilet bowl. You might only need to get the flapper adjusted so it will stop closing so fast. Your toilet bowl cannot flush efficiently with a malfunctioning flapper in place, as it is used to control the flow of water into the bowl so the pressure can assist with pushing waste down into the plumbing system. If the flapper is old and worn out, you should hire a plumber to replace it.

2. A Leak in the Bowl Pipe

The reason waste takes a long time to drain out of toilet bowl might be due to there being a leak in the pipe. The toilet is unable to properly flush when there is not a sufficient amount of water sitting in the tank. However, you can also experience flushing problems if the bowl pipe is cracked. Basically, the crack can lead to water seeping out of the bowl and there not being enough pressure to push waste all the way out in a timely manner.  You will likely need to get a new toilet if the pipe is damaged beyond repair.

3. Something is Clogging Up the Main Sewer Line

Slow draining toilet water can stem from a clogged up sewer line. If you have already attempted to plunge and snake the toilet with no success, a plumber should be called to inspect the main sewer line. He or she might attempt plunging the toilet with a commercial grade plunger and snake before focusing on the sewer line. Cleaning the sewer line to get rid of debris might be the solution to the problem. Speak to a plumber, like Maryland Sewer & Plumbing Service, about your slow draining toilet so he or she can fix the problem as soon as possible.