How To Keep A Porta-Potty Fresh And Clean Throughout An Event

If you're holding a large outdoor event, such as a wedding, reception, or a birthday or graduation party, you may want to rent a portable toilet in order to accommodate all of your guests if you don't already own one. To keep the porta-potty clean, fresh and smelling the best it can throughout the event, you need to regularly maintain it if the rental company doesn't provide this service for you. This is especially true during the hot summer months, when odors can become intense in the heat.

It's best to freshen the porta-potty up frequently to avoid big, stinky messes that can irritate your guests. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your rented portable toilet on the up-and-up:

1. Keep the porta-potty well-stocked with at least 2-3 rolls of extra toilet paper so your guests won't run out at an inconvenient time. It's also a good idea to include pump-action bottles of antibacterial hand soap and dispensers of wet wipes if there isn't a sink with soap nearby. 

2. Ensure that the portable potty smells as fresh as possible by placing a few air deodorizers that feature adhesive backs on the walls of the unit. Stick to a neutral smell, such as cherry or lemon to appeal to the majority of guests. If you notice that the smell is fading throughout the event, you may have to replace them.

Also, provide a aerosol can of deodorizer for the guests at all times - some double as disinfectants as well. When choosing a porta-potty, pick one that features air vents for fresh air.

3. Clean up any messes as soon as possible to avoid foul odors. Keep a spray bottle of a general household disinfectant spray and rags or sponges handy in case you need to remove debris from the porta-potty walls or floor. 

4. Keep a small trash can in the portable toilet and empty it as soon as it gets full, as it may contain odor-causing items. You can line the cans with scented trash bags as extra protection. 

5. Call in a professional, like B & B Drain Tech Inc, to evacuate the waste if the toilet is reaching its holding capacity. They'll use a special hose to suction all of the waste into a holding tank, and then transport it to a sanitation station. They can also fill the empty tank with fresh water, and even add an odor-control disinfectant to it.