Maintaining An Efficient Septic System During A Usage Surge

A high water usage over a short period can flood a septic drain field. Such a high usage of water may occur when many people use your plumbing installations, such as toilets and bathrooms, over a short time. For example, dozens of people gathering for a graduation party can cause such a usage surge. Here are the measures to take to prevent flooding the drain field: Pump the Tank If you have the heads up of such a gathering taking place in your home, then the first thing is to pump the septic tank.

3 Reasons Your Water Pump Will Not Stop Running

A water pump is a necessary component in your home, but it can also be a source of problems, or it can indicate a problem with your plumbing system. Water pumps are designed to run when water is needed, but they should not run constantly. If your water pump will not stop running, there is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. While you wait for a plumber to arrive to diagnose and fix the issue, you should unplug the water pump or shut off the breaker that controls it.

Avoid Furnace Breakdowns and Emergency Furnace Repair This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and the guests will soon be on their way. Knowing how to keep your furnace in good working condition can help you avoid holiday heater emergencies and last minute furnace repairs. These tips will help you ease the burden on your furnace and hopefully extend its service life. Improve Furnace Efficiency One of the best ways that you can avoid a break down of your furnace this winter is by improving its efficiency and making it work less hard.

Comparing Submersible And Pedestal Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are designed to remove water from the foundation of your home before it manages to reach your basement, where it can cause water damage and promote mold growth. All sump pumps can be broadly categorized into two groups, submersible and pedestal sump pumps, each of which carries with it a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between these two types of sump pumps can help you choose the one that best fits your home's needs.

6 Ways To Avoid Plumbing Leaks

As a homeowner, a plumbing leak is one of your worst nightmares. A leak can lead to water damage in your home and even cause mold to develop, which can be expensive to remove. The best thing you can do is prevent these leaks in the first place. Here are six effective ways to avoid plumbing leaks: Do not Forget to Put Away Garden Hoses in the Winter Before the temperatures get too cold, it is crucial to disconnect your garden hoses from the outdoor water valve.

Three Ways To Fix A Clogged Sink

A clogged sink can provide a major inconvenience in your daily life. In serious cases, it may be necessary to call a plumber but in many cases this plumbing problem is something that you can fix yourself in a short amount of time with very few tools. Most times, a blockage is due to built up grease and hair or things like coffee grounds which build up in the sinks plumbing.

3 Plumbing Problems You Can Face After Purchasing Your Home

Your new home may be new to you, but unless it was built recently, there was a family that had been living there for many years. There will most likely be problems due to years of neglect or not having people living in the home the past few months. Be prepared for these 3 plumbing problems as you move in. Clogged Garbage Disposal When you combine neglectful behavior and a couple months of inactivity, it is very easy for a garbage disposal to become clogged.

Amenities To Expect In A Restroom Trailer

If you are planning a large event, such as a city festival, a concert, or a Renaissance fair, you've got a lot of planning to do. Many people don't realize the logistics that go into spearheading a large public event. Everything from security to vendors to public restrooms has to be considered. When your event is held in a space that wasn't originally designed to such high foot traffic, you may be required by law to provide additional restrooms for patrons.

Keeping Your Septic System Happy

Between basic maintenance and proper use, keeping a septic system in good working order isn't really all that complicated. Unfortunately, changing your family's basic habits, shopping decisions and semi-annual to-do list takes a bit more effort than you might expect. Once you understand the impact of these actions and choices, it's easier to motivate yourself to make the change, and ensure your family is following suit. Day-to-Day Habits Anything you're putting down the drain can potentially have an impact on your septic system, so it's critical that you be mindful of this.

Water Heaters 101: Learning About 4 Common Water Heater Styles

If your water heater is no longer working properly, you are probably looking to replace it. Although purchasing a new unit might seem easy, you'll soon discover that it can be a bit daunting and confusing. In today's world, there are many different types of water heaters available—and the one you choose will affect your day-to-day life, so it's important to pick a good one. If you don't know much about water heaters, don't fret.

Pipe Dreams: 3 Reasons You're Constantly Calling The Plumber

Has the plumber been to your house a lot lately? It could be old pipes or a bad repair job, but chances are that it is something related to the way the plumbing is being used. Could it be something you caused? Read on to learn what you could be doing to create more plumbing issues in your home. 1. You treat your garbage disposal like a trash can. How many times have you put things like watermelon rinds or potato skins down the sink?

3 Things To Know About Leaky Tub Faucets

One area of your plumbing that is prone to leaks and other types of problems is the faucet inside your bathtub. This type of plumbing issue can lead to damage in your home, but it is not the easiest type to fix, unless there is an access door available to use. Here are three things you should know about this. Why tub faucet leaks are bad Tub faucet leaks are bad because they are hard to catch right away.

Easy-To-Make DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing can save you money, but it can also frustrate you thoroughly if you aren't careful. There are some amateur mistakes that may cost you time and money. Here are three examples of such mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them: Mistaking Quick Fixes for Permanent Solutions It's true that there are some quick fixes that can save you when plumbing emergencies crop up. However, you should recognize these quick fixes for what they are – temporary solutions.

What To Do When Your Ring Goes Down The Kitchen Drain

It's a sinking feeling, often followed by panic, when your ring slips off when you are washing your hands or doing dishes. With luck, you catch it before it goes down the drain. If you miss, don't despair. Often you can retrieve your ring if you act quickly and correctly. This guide can help. #1: Shut It Down Turn off the garbage disposal first, if it's running, since the ring likely won't travel into the disposal.

Benefits of Video Camera Lines For Fixing Your Plumbing Issues

Are you tired of dealing with stopped up drains? While you are waiting for the water drain, you are wasting valuable time that could be used for so many productive things. No one likes a slow drain. Some of the most common reasons for slow drains include clogs due to hair, debris, and grease. These items are notorious for clogging your drains over time. While there are some quick ways plumbers can get in and clear them out, these things are not the only thing that can cause problems with your drains.

It's A New Age - Plumbing Innovations Now

Advancement in technology knows no bounds in its transforming potential in the modern age. This is true even of the $95 billion plumbing industry. These advancements have been geared towards making your life as functional and comfortable as possible. Considering the current environmental concerns over such issues as waste management, water quality, and reducing carbon emissions, the progress that is being made in the industry seeks to expand the efficiency of the your plumbing as well as decrease the effects on your pocketbook.

Common Questions About Routine Plumbing Issues

When your home encounters a plumbing issue, it can be very stressful for you because you may not understand what to do about the problem. Sadly, this can lead some people to make critical errors when addressing these problems, which can lead to further complications and damages. The best way to reduce this problem is by being a well-informed homeowner when it comes to your plumbing, and having the following couple of questions answered will help with this regard.

Hot Water Circulation Pumps: 3 Troubleshooting Tips

Hot water recirculation pumps are appliances used for hot water when your water supply is low. While they are generally well made and cause few problems, you might occasionally need to troubleshoot them. Here are some things to look for when the pump isn't working properly. Listen for Unusual Sounds The sounds your pump makes can tell you a lot about its condition and whether or not repairs are needed. If you hear a screeching or squealing sound when the pump is turned on, it might be due to extra air getting into the system.

Why Faucets Drip And How To Prevent The Problem

Most advice about dripping faucets focuses on dealing the problem after it starts. However, if you can know what causes the dripping in the first place, then you can stop it before it begins. Here are four causes of faucet drips: Worn Out Washers For washer-type faucets (most have two controls, one each for hot and cold), a worn out washer is a common cause of dripping. Each time you close the faucet, the washer presses down on metal (the valve seat).

A Bad Thermocouple Might Be The Cause Of Your Hot Water Heater Failure

There are few things worse in life than having to take an ice-cold shower in the morning because you have no hot water. If your hot water heater operates on gas, you may want to try a simple fix before calling a repair company to come to your home. The simple fix is relighting the pilot light if it is out. If it will not stay lit, the problem could be due to a faulty thermocouple on the device.

Warning Signs From Your Water Heater That It Needs Help

Your water heater is a reliable appliance that just keeps on working without much fuss. You may miss the subtle changes in your water quality that tell you something is wrong with it. By the time you realize that something is different with the water, you could be in for a big water heater repair bill. Here are the subtle, and not so subtle, ways your water heater is saying it needs some help.

Dealing With Your Child's Seasonal Allergies: Get Year Round Relief With These Tips

If you have noticed your child's seasonal allergies are getting worse each time the seasons change, you need to make sure you're doing your best around the house to help prevent the symptoms from worsening. You want your child to be able to breathe easy and avoid medication. The allergies may not just be coming from problems outside your home, but from inside your house as well. Here are a few things to consider.

5 Tips For Avoiding Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposal problems are very common, since not many people are aware of how to best care for the disposal and use it properly. It's important to avoid problems with the garbage disposal, because not only can it cost you money, but it can also cause excess bacterial growth in the kitchen that can make it smell. Here are five tips to help you avoid garbage disposal problems in your home:

Scared Of Snakes? You Won'T Be Scared Of These Plumbing Snakes

When it comes to plumbing and unclogging drains, plumbers use different types of snakes to unclog them. Learning about the different snakes and what they are used for can be helpful to you if you ever decide to unclog a drain yourself. Many of these snake machines you can rent from any place that rents tools Toilet Snake A snake for a toilet is commonly called a toilet auger, and is made to be used only on toilet clogs.

A Homeowner's Guide To Maintaining Plumbing

When you want to be sure that your plumbing system remains intact, there are a lot of steps you can take. These maintenance steps will allow you to prevent serious plumbing issues, while fixing plumbing issues that are giving you trouble. Learning the best strategies for dealing with the plumbing in your home will allow you to keep your utility bills under control, prevent serious calamities from occurring, and allow your plumbing fixtures to last the long haul.

3 Signs That Your Toilet Needs Repairing

Living on your own for the first time can be exciting. Many young adults look forward to the day when they will have their own home without parents to please. However, with this newfound freedom there is also a lot of responsibility. Instead of someone else caring for the house, it now falls onto you to know how to care for things, such as bathrooms and toilets. Here are some of the signs that your toilet is failing.

What To Do Next When Drain Cleaner Doesn't Fix A Slow Drain

For most people, the first response to a slow drain is to buy some chemical drain cleaner and run it through the pipes. If this takes care of the problem, that's great… but what do you do when it doesn't? A slow drain is usually the first sign of a clog; because the clog is still only partially obstructing the drain, water is still flowing through it. But with time, this partial clog will pick up more and more debris until your drain is completely blocked.

How To Troubleshoot Your Heater

Heaters are incredibly important in most parts of the world. The last thing you want is for your heater to break down during a particularly cold winter. Even if you live in a temperate climate, a broken heater can mean an extremely uncomfortable couple of months. To prevent that from happening, here are a couple of tips on how to troubleshoot a heater that is giving you trouble. First, you will need to figure out how extensive the problem is.

Got A Clog? Try These Easy Drain Cleaning Methods

If you have a clog in one of the drains in your house, you need to address the clog immediately. Here are a few easy drain cleaning methods that use common household items. Drain Cleaning Method #1: Boiling Water One of the most basic ways to clean your drain is by pouring boiling water down the drain. The hot water will help break down anything that is clogging up your drain.

DIY Or Time To Call An Expert? Here Are Three Plumbing Issues To Leave For A Pro

Whether you own your home or are currently renting, handling your own maintenance tasks can be satisfying. While it's possible to successfully deal with plumbing issues such as a clogged toilet or a shower head that won't stop dripping, there are other times that it's best to put down your tools and pick up the phone. Calling a licensed and experienced plumber can not only solve plumbing problems in your home, but can also reduce the risk of you mistakenly making an issue worse.

Tips for Handling a Couple of Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can strike anyone's home, and when they do, they can lead to frustration. You may not understand what is needed to correct routine plumbing problems, but these problems do not have to be vexing to you. By following these plumbing repair tips, you can be prepared to correct or avoid two of the more common issues that your home may encounter.  Clean Away Mineral Deposits from Your Faucet

3 Tips To Keep Your Heating Unit In Top Shape

Your heating unit is very valuable to you when the temperatures dip. You can take simple, smart steps to keep it running efficiently. Here are three tips to keep your heating unit in top shape. Invest in a programmable thermostat. You only want to utilize your heating unit during times when you are in your home; however, you may also want to make sure you are walking into a toasty environment after coming in from the cold.

4 Plumbing Situations That Require A Professional

While you may be able to fix minor plumbing issues, such as tightening a pipe fitting or clearing a clogged drain, there are other plumbing repairs that you shouldn't attempt to tackle on your own. Here are four plumbing situations that warrant calling a professional. A Water Pipe Has Burst If a water pipe in your home bursts, call a plumber right away. This is not a simple leak that you can perform temporary repairs on.

Do You Need A Plumber?

Plumbing systems can be pretty hard to figure out for the average homeowner. In many cases, you might not know if you should be worried about that clog or that smell in the bathroom. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your plumbing, so here's a couple of things that you should keep an eye out for, since they might need a professional touch: No Hot Water

Advice For Cleaning Your Kitchen Drain

Cleaning your kitchen drain regularly keeps your kitchen smelling fresh and  helps prevent the drain from getting clogged. You should make a habit of cleaning the drain each time you thoroughly clean out the sink. This will get you on a regular schedule and ensure you don't put it off too long. This article will provide you with the information you need to clean your drain properly and in a simple manner so you can perform the task in just a few minutes.

Debunking The Most Prevailing Myths About Copper Plumbing

Take a look at the plumbing fixtures that you have inside of your home, and there is a fairly good chance that you will find at least some copper. At first glance, you will probably be thinking that your home could probably use some updates; however, copper is not an outdated plumbing material by any means. In fact, the myth that copper is only found in older homes is just one of the biggest misconceptions about this plumbing material.

How Do You Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

When the winter arrives and everything starts turning to snow and ice, your sprinkler system is at risk. The water in and around the sprinklers can freeze and cause damage to the entire system. This is why winterizing it is so important. Here are some ways to get your sprinkler system ready for the winter season. Disconnect the Water Supply Start off winterizing your sprinkler system by turning off the water supply.